Health for all

Health is a fundamental right in that it should be considered a good available to all. Unfortunately, in everyday life it presents itself as the result of the inequalities that exist in the world.

Why this happens can be traced in the physiognomy of the different areas of the world that highlight various problems related to the lack of drinking water, poor communication routes, sometimes impassable, kilometer-long distances between different centers, health facilities numerically limited or only on an outpatient basis, the impossibility of access to essential medicines or vaccines, and health care costs almost everywhere borne by patients.

Being treated in these countries truly becomes a privilege since already the water supply, an essential good for survival, can turn into a vehicle for disease. Water, in fact, when it is there, is often unhealthy because of the bacteria that are present in it and causes a myriad of infections including gastroenteritis or cholera, infections that are lethal for those who contract them and could instead be treated with targeted drugs. The same is true for other diseases such as measles, tetanus, polio, tuberculosis, AIDS, Ebola, and malaria (only recently are we talking about vaccines) that could be defeated with vaccines, which, however, unfortunately still cannot be accessed by many countries in the Global South.

A tangible proof of this was offered to us by Covid 19, the virus that literally engulfed humanity and for which once again the inhabitants of emerging countries had the upper hand by being able to get treatment and access to vaccines. All that was left for the others was to react responsibly by assuming attitudes aimed at proper hygiene, trying to respect the rules, to contain the contagions, but it begs the question of how they could have avoided being affected by the virus by living in unhealthy areas, in dilapidated housing, in extreme poverty and in promiscuity.

This is why Caritas Children is committed, through its Distance Support, International Cooperation and Global Citizenship Education projects, to ensuring health and well-being for all and to raising awareness of these issues among young people in schools and the general public.


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